Back Ground

The Acholi National Conference was born in response to an Open Letter written by Christine Lutara, to the Acholi Community, on Good Friday,

The letter reviewed the current status of Acholi as a people and asked the question, “What do we Acholi want”,  calling for a National Acholi Conference to generate a dialogue to answer this question in line with the creation of an Acholi Agenda for Unity and Development.

Subsequently, members of the Acholi Community both nationally and internationally reached a Consensus to plan an Acholi National Conference to be held in Gulu, from the 19th -21st December, 2019.


The Acholi National Conference is expected to bring together policy members, Acholi Clan Representatives, Women Leaders, Youth representatives and members of the International Community to highlight the need for Acholi as a recognized nation , to deliberate on the most appropriate path to take in order to effect Unity, economy, cultural heritage and overall sustainable development issues for the current members of the Acholi Community, both in Uganda and in the Diaspora.

The Conference will also host an exhibition where delegates from both Uganda and the international community will showcase and demonstrate their areas of strength,, learning and possibilities for Cultural Tourism.

The delegates will be invited to evaluate the current status and condition of the Acholi people everywhere and to set goals and targets that will propel the Acholi into the next phase of its history culturally, economically and developmentally.

Anticipated outcomes

    Leadership dialogue Summit

To bring together the different leadership structures of Acholi together to agree on a roadmap towards unity and peace through dialogue for Acholi Comprehensive Development – A Protocol of Co-operation.

The event will be organized to forge relationships and Unify Acholi and to open dialogue by encouraging all stakeholders to come up with practical options to reverse the perennial processes of conflict and underdevelopment.

The event organizers will invite like-minded individuals to make a positive contribution to the discussions by submitting and delivering papers on different topics.

The Issues identified for the Leadership Dialogue include:

  1. Protocol on mutual co-operation between leadership structures to foster Unity, Social Harmony and Cultural Structure and Dignity.
  2. Acholi Land Use and Policy and Agricultural Production.
  3. Education and Health.

    Conference Main Agenda

The Conference Discussion Agenda will include:

  1. Health and Welfare
  2. Politics and Local Government
  3. Education
  4. Acholi Culture – Arts and Artists
  5. Economic Planning, Employment, Labour and Manpower productivity
  6. Land, Land use and Rights I Acholi
  7. Youth Inclusion, Planning and Empowerment
  8. Role Of Acholi Cultural Institution (KKKA) in Acholi Development.
  9. Call for Acholi Resolutions and Acholi Development Agenda.


The Acholi National Conference is open to all Acholi Individuals and Organizations that will register for the event.

The convention will invite individuals and special interest groups including but not limited to:

  1. Acholi Cultural Leaders and Representatives
  2. Acholi Political leaders at National, District and Local Levels.
  3. Elder Representatives
  4. Religious Leaders
  5. Opinion Leaders
  6. Youth Representatives
  7. Student Representatives
  8. Women Representatives
  9. PWD Representatives
  10. Educationists
  11. Cultural Dance Troupes and Artists

The Conference will co-ordinate with Local Government, KKA , and other Acholi Institutions both locally and Internationally to ensure inclusive, relevant and smooth planning and execution of the Conference.

Conference Financing

The Conference is intended to be self-funding from Registration Fees and Free-will contributions made by delegates and sister Acholi Organizations.