Draft Agenda For Acholi National Conference (ANC)

Notice is hereby given that the Acholi National Conference shall take place from 8.00 am on Thursday 19th to Saturday 21st December 2019 at Sir Samuel Baker Secondary School.



Conference to call a Paper to set the case for an Acholi Vision and develop a framework for Acholi Unity; 

 Items for Discussion:

  • Understanding Acholi, defining who an Acholi is; (Brief history & Roots) and how historical events has impacted on the Acholi Nation formation:  Events during Colonialism, Uganda’s Independence and beyond (the 20 year war) & the Creation of Acholi Ethnicity. 
  • Define an Acholi Vision and Propose 20, 30 or 50-year Vision for the Development of Acholi.
  • How can we achieve Acholi Unity to realise Acholi Vision?
  • Propose a Framework for Acholi Unity.

Conference to pass resolutions defining and agreeing on Acholi Vision & Unity


Conference to call papers to lead discussions in examining KKKA as a Structure of the Acholi Society in Upholding Acholi Unity & Vision and as a Custodian of Culture; examining effect of cultural decay on development of Acholi, and the role of KKK in development of Acholi?

Items for discussion:

  • Show case a brief history of Lineages: Historically what did KKK represent? Identity traditions, totems, tradition, culture, customs, symbols, anthem (lubara), etc.
  • Examine historic achievement of KKKA in Acholi; Infrastructures, like Hospitals, Schools, Trading Centres, Markets, Roads, etc
  • Role of KKKA in social cohesion; Does KKKA activities risks or threaten social cohesion & Development in Acholi? Is KKKA relevant to Acholi in the 21st century?
  • Examine the importance of Culture: What is the effect of “cultural decay” on individuals, families, communities & society; what are the key indicators of cultural decay?
  • Examine the strength & weaknesses of Acholi Culture & KKKA as a structure to achieve Acholi Vision & Unity. Propose way forward/alternatives.
  • Present and show-case Acholi Art & Antiquities and propose a framework for its preservation.
  • Proposal for recognition, recording of achievement of Acholi Artists, Art & Artefacts, Music, Dance and Drama (Folklore, etc).

Conference to pass a resolution seeking commitment of all chiefdoms in aligning their Activities with the Acholi Vision and resolve that KKKA draw framework for collaboration  from among each other to uphold Unity & Social Cohesion in Acholi.


Conference will call for papers to examine the Education and Human Development in line with set Acholi Vision. Is our education and human resources development adequate in producing the right people to drive Acholi Vision?

Items for discussion:

  • Examine the state of education in Acholi; Preparatory, Primary and Post Primary Education
  • Present a brief overview of school performance in Acholi using 1940s as a base period.
  • Recommendation for Acholi efforts do to uplift standards in our schools: Example, reviving Acholi Scholarship Scheme and other funding schemes.
  • Girl Child Education: Where does Acholi stand in educating the girl child? Propose action to close gaps. Role of the parent, teachers and the community in educating the girl child
  • Proposal required for making education relevant in delivering Acholi Vision: Revisit the relevance of curriculum, technical training institutions and Vocational education. 

Conference to pass a resolution for a short term solution for Parents, Pupil and teachers’ interest in education, and pass a resolution seeking a comprehensive solution to the failure of Schools in Acholi 


Conference to call paper to examine the role of Women, youth & children in Acholi development; women and youth are the pillar of development while children are the future.

Items of Discussion:

-What is Youth Inclusion? Causes of exclusion & Impact on our society: Do our youths feel Included? Why do our youths feel excluded in development activities in Acholi?

-The role of Politics in Youth Inclusion; is it negative or Positive; Creating a Balance 

-Examining the role of our women in the Development of Acholi: What strategy can Acholi society give to its women and children in development.

-Is Acholi society doing enough in upbringing and protecting her children from the negative forces of the world? Example: Broken families, drugs & alcohol abuse, etc

Conference to pass resolution recognising the position of Women in Development of Acholi; Conference shall seek to pass resolution denouncing youth exclusion and put all youths into productive entities, i.e. either in education or work. Conference must pass resolution to deal with child molestation and uphold child protection.


Conference to call paper to lead discussion of the general Health and Welfare of the people of Acholi to determine ability of our people to improve their lives and healthy living (lifestyle)

Items for discussion:

-Current Methods & Provision of Primary Healthcare, i.e. disease prevention & health promotion, Cancer Screen, Hypertension, Diabetes; ‘MOT’ (UK Jargon), healthy living, dietary feeding. Public Health (Pit Latrines in all Homes and regularly inspected), local media health campaigns, Emphasis on personal hygiene and Schools promotion of health campaign.

-Mental Health and our community; the effect of war causing increased mental health issues in Acholi, how can communities deal with mental health patients amongst them?

– Drug & Alcohol Use: Dr Ochan Otim/Dr Olara Otunu Report on Alcohol toxins & its Implication; Strategy to Implement Research recommendation

-Health Provision financing: Proposal of model of Health Insurance.

Conference shall pass a resolution seeking to deal with primary health problems in our people that can be dealt with communally example removal of mosquito breeding areas in a homestead, building clean pit latrines in all homesteads in Acholi and creating awareness of diseases old and new, etc. Conference to discuss and pass a resolution seeking a model of affordable health insurance for the people of Acholi


Conference calls paper to lead discussion on and examine our land as an asset, its tenure system, potential, availability and threats to our people using it (Perceived or real)

Items for discussion:

-Examine Land Act & Acholi Land ownership systems (Types & Tiers of ownership & Rights); Defining legal jargons & its negative impact on our land

-Land Conflicts, Fragmentation & Landlessness; causes & propose Prevention measures. Propose solutions to land conflicts amongst Acholi individuals and communities.

 Plantation Agriculture; is it sustainable and equitable land use?

Defending Land Rights; tools to be used, what is public Land and our Rights on it.

Strategy for sustainable Land management system; Land Trusts, Land Board, etc

Do we have minerals in Acholi? Gold, Diamond, Uranium, Oil & Gas, etc; what is our rights? Who owns it?

Conference to pass a resolution recommending Land management system and draw framework for reducing and eliminating Land conflicts in Acholi


Conference to call paper to lead discussion on the changing Acholi Countryside and Environment

Items for discussion:

-Planning and Conservation; Overview of an Acholi ways and means of conservation of the environment and the countryside

-Examining the Role of the Family & Community in Conservation of environment; Rivers, Swamps, Trees, Streams, Parks. What Acholi do to ensure this role is adhered to?

-Propose Strategy for Conserving Communal Parks; Tim, Bunga, & Homesteads

-Trading & Market Centres’ role in promotion of community cohesion and development activities in Acholi.

-Community Rights: Walk Ways, Hunting grown, etc propose ways to work with UWA to allow legal hunting and create right of passage where necessary 

-Impact of Deforestation & Strategy to combat it; Reforestation drive, Lessons from the world; alternative fuels 

Conference shall pass resolution ensuring that responsibility of individual Acholi communities in Environment conservation of are adhered to

Conference calls paper to lead discussion on Acholi Economy, with a view to propose increase productivity, growth and development.

-Propose and Economic Plan for Acholi; Drawn by Acholi, & for Acholi; paper to define Sustainable core economic activity; is it Agriculture?

-How can Acholi boost Manufacturing, Service, Cottage and Large Scale Industries? (Agro. Cooperatives, Retail & Wholesale, Banking & Finance, Insurance, etc)

-Economic Diversification; Propose a Strategy for economic diversification especially in unreliable weather conditions.

-Proposal for Establishing an Acholi Development Trust Fund to Finance; Construction, Cooperatives, Banking & Finance sector (Credit Union, Credit Societies, Agriculture, businesses)

Conference shall pass resolution for a workable economic plan for Acholi; examine an agree on Development Framework for Acholi 


Conference calls paper to lead discussion in examining the relation of the people of Acholi with the politics of Uganda and the Local Authorities in Acholi

Items for discussion:

-Civil Awareness: discussion to examine Positive engagement in the Democratic Processes from Presidential elections to Local Council Elections. Are our people well informed of their civil rights and obligations?

-What do our people know or perceives as the Role of the Politicians? How about the people responsibilities to their politicians? How can the Engagement Gap be closed?

-Local Governance, Act & Model Response; Ordinances. How do our people respond to Local government ordinances, by-laws? Does it curtail development in the region? What can Acholi do to support positive engagement with the local authority to realise our development goal set in the Acholi Vision?

-Local Authorities; Effectiveness in Implementation of Government Development Policies; what can the community do to ensure to ensure the local authority implements government Policies?

-Strategy for use of Local Government Act to achieve Pan Acholi Policies to tackle Social & Economic Development Challenges; Policy planning and Implementation. E.g. Environmental Conservation

Conference shall pass resolution seeking to re work closely with the Local Authorities to achieve Acholi Vision 


Conference will call all resolutions perform appropriate review on the resolutions and publish implementation strategy 

11. LAWII RWODI, RWOT DAVID ONEN ACHANA II shall be invited to address Conference shall officially close.